CTIP Awareness Training Program

The Department of Defense Instruction 2200.01, "Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP)," establishes DoD policy on CTIP and assigns responsibilities. The instruction requires heads of all DoD Components to ensure all personnel (i.e., all Service members and DoD civilian personnel) take Combating Trafficking in Persons Training within their first year of initial entry with follow-on training determined by the Military Departments.  Components may employ training products internally developed and approved by the OUSD (P&R) CTIP PMO or use CTIP PMO developed training products. Please contact dodctip@mail.mil to obtain CTIP PMO developed training products.



Training Reporting Process

The CTIP Program Management Office no longer requires the reporting of training numbers for the CTIP General Awareness training.  However, please be advised that you may be asked to provide the number of initial entry personnel trained if DoD receives an audit or an inquiry.  DoD Components must describe the method used to track initial entry training (within the first year) for military and civilian personnel as a part of their annual Self-Assessment report. 

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2021, the reporting requirement for the CTIP Investigative Professionals training and the CTIP Acquisition Personnel training changed.  Components must now report the total number of their investigative professionals and acquisition personnel, how many were required in the Fiscal Year to take the specialized trainings (requirement for both trainings is once every three years), and how many of the required personnel took the specialized trainings.  The Annual CTIP Self-Assessment is due to the CTIP Program Management Office by November 30.


Training Materials

There are several different types of training that satisfy the CTIP training requirement. Please click on the heading of each type to learn more.


1) General Awareness Training - For military and civilian personnel new to DoD.


2) Department of Defense Education Activity CTIP Training - The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) CTIP training is for teachers, administrators, and staff at DoDEA schools.


3) Investigative Professionals Training - For those working in law enforcement and investigative agencies.


4) Contracting and Acquisition Training - For those working in the contracting and acquisition community, including contracting officers and contracting officer representatives.


5) Legal Counsel - For those working in the DoD legal community.


6) Leadership Resource - A resource to assist leaders in fulfilling their CTIP responsibilities.