Survivor Voices of Human Trafficking

The Combating Trafficking in Persons Program Management Office presents Survivor Voices of Human Trafficking. We encourage you to read their stories and watch the survivors relate their experiences in the videos.  Learn about what they wish they had done differently and how others could have helped.  Several of the survivors’ stories have a connection to the DoD.

We are grateful to these survivors of sex and labor trafficking and child soldiering who took the time to share their stories with the DoD.



                                               Theresa Flores                                                  Jerome Elam                                                    Kalei Grant
                                               Read Her Story                                                  Read His Story                                                Read Her Story
                                              Watch Her Story                                                 Watch  His Story                                              Watch Her Story

                                                Read Her Bio                                                      Read His Bio                                                   Read Her Bio



                                             Tina Frundt                                                              Kumar                                                           James Dold
                                           Read Her Story                                                    Read His Story                                                   Read His Story
                                          Watch Her Story                                                  Watch His Story                                                 Watch His Story
                                             Read Her Bio                                                       Read His Bio                                                      Read His Bio