Standard Curriculum Toolkit

The Department of Defense (DoD) Instruction 2200.01, “Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP)” requires new personnel (i.e., all Service members and DoD civilian personnel) to take CTIP training within their first year of initial entry (Section 2.9.b).

Components are able to use DoD deployed training to meet this requirement or develop their own training.

Adhering to the requirements in this Standard Curriculum Toolkit (SCT) will ensure your training is consistent with CTIP terms, laws, and concepts used DoD-wide.  This Standard Curriculum Toolkit serves as a floor, not a ceiling, and contains the basic information necessary to train for General Awareness. 

You can download the SCT as a single document including all of the recommended elements and additional resources, or you can download individual sections separately.

Standard Curriculum Toolkit - Complete [Consolidated PDF] 

Required Elements of CTIP Training Materials 

The Required Elements you must include in your CTIP training are listed below.  





TIP Learning Objectives

List of twelve learning objectives in DoDI 2200.01 you must include in your CTIP training materials.


TIP Key Terms & Definitions

List of key terms and definitions you must include in your CTIP training as well as optional terms you can incorporate as necessary.


TIP Laws, Policies, and Regulations

List of federal and DoD-specific laws, policies, and regulations you must include in your CTIP training materials as well as additional laws and policies you can include as necessary.


TIP Examples


Cases of DoD-connected sex trafficking, labor trafficking, and child soldiering you should incorporate in your CTIP training materials.


Additional Training Resources

The Additional Training Resources outline information you can use to design your CTIP training materials.  Referencing the Additional Training Resources is not required; however, you may find them useful.





Special Topic: GVHR

Describes the connection between gross violations of human rights (GVHR) and TIP


Special Topic: WPS

Describes the connection between Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) efforts and CTIP


Resource List

TIP websites, laws, reports, brochures, posters, and training resources you can include in your CTIP training materials to help DoD employees learn more about TIP.



Master Glossary

Additional CTIP terms and key words