Standard Curriculum Toolkit

The Department of Defense (DoD) Instruction 2200.01, “Combating Trafficking in Persons” (CTIP) requires annual CTIP awareness training for all military personnel and civilian employees.  Components are able to use DoD deployed training to meet this requirement or develop their own training. The Standard Curriculum Toolkit (SCT) is a collection of resources developed to help Components that choose to develop their own CTIP training and Military Departments that need additional information on CTIP.

The SCT includes recommended elements, which include information that the CTIP Program Management Office (PMO) recommends for inclusion in all DoD CTIP training materials. It also includes additional training resources that Components may use as needed to help with their training development.

You can download the SCT as a single document including all of the recommended elements and additional resources, or you can download individual sections separately.

Standard Curriculum Toolkit - Complete [Consolidated PDF

Standard Curriculum Toolkit - Sections

Recommended Elements

  1. Overview [Section 1.0]
  2. Learning Objectives [Section 1.1]
  3. Key Terms & Definitions [Section 1.2]
  4. TIP Laws, Policies, and Regulations [Section 1.3]
  5. TIP Examples [Section 1.4]
  6. Training Development Checklist [Section 1.5]

Additional Training Development Resources

  1. Additional CTIP Resources [Section 2.1]
  2. Best Practices for Designing and Developing Training [Section 2.2]
  3. Templates [Section 2.3a and 2.3b]
  4. Learning Interactions [Section 2.4]