Additional Resources for Investigative Professionals

Legal Counsel Training on Human Trafficking Forced Labor

This course includes a trafficking in persons presentation by Matt Grady, Trial Attorney, Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit, U.S. Department of Justice.  In this presentation, Mr. Grady reviews myths regarding human trafficking, how best to understand the crime of forced labor, how to properly identify human trafficking cases, investigative and prosecutorial models, how to anticipate defenses, and challenges when investigating overseas.

The following webinars were produced by Aequitas through a Department of Justice grant and provide additional information on Human Trafficking.

Following the Digital Breadcrumbs: Utilizing Technology in Sex Trafficking Prosecutions

This webinar provides practical information and investigative strategies that will assist in the identification, investigation, and successful prosecution of traffickers.  It addresses how digital evidence can corroborate victim and witness testimony, support charging decisions, and reinforce evidence-based trial strategies that do not rely entirely upon victim testimony.

From Barriers to Solutions: Investigating and Prosecuting Human Trafficking

This webinar recording highlights key findings from a report from the Urban Institute and Northeastern University titled, "Identifying Challenges to Improve the Investigation and Prosecution of State and Local Human Trafficking Cases," and offers solutions for overcoming some of the barriers enhancing victim identification and safety, and increasing offender accountability through the effective investigation and prosecution of human trafficking cases.

Interviewing Victims of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation: Techniques and Tactics

This webinar highlights the importance of preparing for an interview by collaborating with community-based programs that provide services to victims of trafficking as well as other allied professionals who have conducted similar investigations.  It also explored a variety of interview techniques and provided law enforcement officers and prosecutors with the tools to develop their own open-ended questions and protocols for interviewing trafficking victims.

Intimidation in Human Trafficking Cases

This webinar is designed to raise awareness, for prosecutors and other criminal justice professionals, about the dynamics and indicators of human trafficking as well as intimidation, and challenged participants to reevaluate their approach to detecting and prosecuting these crimes.  The webinar also explores the complex issues faced by prosecutors in identifying, investigating, and prosecuting human trafficking and intimidation while balancing offender accountability with the impact of criminal prosecution on victims.

Labor Trafficking: Exploitation for the Sake of the Bottom Line

This webinar highlights the importance of collaboration with allied professionals to support a victim-centered response and an offender-focused approach.  It will also explore a variety of best practices and provide law enforcement and prosecutors with the tools to refine their own strategies.