Investigative Professionals Training

The CTIP for Investigative Professionals Training is for military police, criminal investigators, inspector general employees, and other military or DoD civilian law enforcement personnel who conduct inquiries to include: investigations, inspections, assessments, audits, or evaluations. CTIP investigative professionals training is taken in lieu of CTIP general awareness training and is required to be taken once every three years.

The CTIP PMO encourages the use of learning management systems (LMSs) to fulfill this requirement. LMSs can save time and improve reporting accuracy through the automated services they provide.

1. LMS – counts for credit and includes a certificate of completion. Click on the LMS links below to log in and complete the course.

              a.   Air Force - My Learning

              b.    Army – ALMS

              c.    Joint Knowledge Online JKO

              d.    Marine Corps – MarineNet

              e.    Navy – NeL

              f.     OSD/DA&M/WHS – iCompass 


CTIP Investigative Professionals Training Terminal Learning Objectives (TLOs)

The required subject matter for CTIP investigative professionals training will include the following TLOs, from which trainees will understand:

(1)  What constitutes sex trafficking, forced labor, force, fraud, and coercion.

(2)  How to recognize visual and verbal indicators that may be present in a human trafficking situation.

(3)  How to identify possible human trafficking venues.

(4)  How to respond to a trafficking in persons (TIP) situation.

(5)  How TIP affects victims.

(6)  Common barriers that prevent victims from seeking help.

(7)  TIP laws and policies.

(8)  The difference between human trafficking and human smuggling.

(9)  Benefits that are afforded to victims.

(10)  Communication strategies for questioning victims and suspected traffickers.

(11)  Questions to ask potential victims.

(12)  The steps for law enforcement TIP investigations.

(13)  How to identify and preserve evidence of TIP.

(14)  TIP criminal penalties