Investigative Professionals Training

The CTIP for Investigative Professionals Training is designed for all military police (job series 0083, or similar), criminal investigators (job series 1811, or similar), inspector general employees, and other military or DoD civilian law enforcement personnel. The completion of this course fulfills the annual CTIP training requirement. As a result, personnel that complete this course do not have to also complete CTIP General Awareness Training during the same fiscal year.

This course includes a trafficking in persons scenario involving a military police patrol supervisor, his junior partner, and a special agent investigator they later call to the scene. Click here to view a three-minute video trailer of the course.

There are several ways to access, assign, and track the CTIP for Investigative Professionals Training. The CTIP PMO encourages the use of learning management systems (LMSs) to fulfill these actions. LMSs can save time and improve reporting accuracy through the automated services they provide.

There are three ways to take the Investigative Professionals CTIP Training:

1. LMS – counts for credit and includes a certificate of completion. Click on the LMS links below to log in and complete the course.

              a.   Air Force - ADLS

              b.     Army – ALMS

              c.    Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) – AGILE

              d.     Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

              e.    Joint Knowledge Online (JKO)

              f.    Marine Corps – MarineNet

              g.      Navy – NeL

              h.    OSD/DA&M/WHS – iCompass                                                       

   2.  PowerPoint Click here for the PowerPoint